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Hydroxycut Hardcore - Review Guide
Everything you ever needed to know about Hydroxycut Hardcore 2020 (an independent review based on science). How quickly does it work? How does it compare to the best weight loss supplements on the market? What if any are the side effects and a lot more besides. The main hydroxycut guide can be found HERE and all the individual product reviews go HERE. For the privacy go HERE.

It is so damn tiring!

The constant dieting, succumbing having to trudge all back to the start line

The then your told you should exercise…. REALLY?

How many people do you know would cut their food down and then lob a big rucksack on go running around the park?

I don’t know about you but if i am on fire I don’t care how
The flames are dowsed as long as I don’t feel shitty and waste my money.

The problem is diet pills are so health conscious now they have got politically correct! And if anything they are less effective than they were yesteryear.

I remember the days when people were happy to lose limbs to get a tight butt, The risk of death or your skin turning yellow was worth the beach parties and admiring looks!

I digress and perhaps exaggerate 🙂

But it is true to say that the more potent diet pills of yesteryear have largely been replaced by diet pills that can help you lose 0.11111 lbs a year if you also run a marathon every day !

I have news for you all dieting pills have some possible side effects but FDA does a good job weeding out the harmful ones and list the prohibited weight loss pills.


We all know that a healthy diet, exercise and will power are best

BUT if you have no problem losing a limb and turning yellow we have listed
The best POTENT pills to give you a head start in our main review.

So unto hydroxycut hardcore one of most popular hydroxycut products on the market is it best option for you? And more importantly did it into our prestigious list of best dietary supplements?

Let’s take a dip and find out.

What is the Supplement?

Hydroxycut Hardcore says it “DELIVERS EXTREME ENERGY & MAXIMUM INTENSITY” and AMPLIFIED THERMOGENESIS – (Invokes a powerful state of thermogenesis in the body to help fire up your metabolic rate). Which basically means in simple language that it is a stimulant fat burner that is high in caffeine.. Sounds a lot less sexy now doesn’t it!

How Does it Work?

Hydroxycut Hardcore contains two of the brand’s official key ingredients. Caffeine (caffeine anhydrous) which is also present in many weight loss supplements and most of the hydroxycut range. Caffeine is a stimulant that raises your body temperature acting as thermogenic to burn fat. The other main ingredient Coffee bean extract (C. canephora extract) has the main component chlorogenic acid which is said to be the proven ingredient that helps you lose weight. I will look at this in more detail in a moment but first.

What are the Benefits?

Hydroxycut Hardcore claims to give you the following benefits:

Extreme energy and maximum intensity
Hardcore weight loss
Suppressed appetite

Can it Help You Lose Weight?

While there may be customers who have claimed some weight loss benefits. Proof is limited according to science and customer reviews. 2 studies of its key ingredients C. canephora extract suggested limited weight loss if you also go on a low calorie diet. I tell you more about the ingredients in the science and ingredients section.

What is the Science?

There are only two recorded scientific studies to back up the efficacy of green coffee the main ingredient in most hydroxycut products.

In one scientific study conducted in 2006, there were two groups tested. One group took in C. canephora robusta for 60 days and lost an average of 10.95 lbs, while the other group took a placebo and lost about 5.40 lbs. Both groups followed the same calorie-reduced diet.

You should be aware however that the weight loss is actually 5.5lbs and 2.5lbs when you take into account the placebo groups also lost weight. So one study showed the ingredient C. canephora robusta helped some people lose just over 2.5lbs in a month.


All products created by Hydroxycut have two key ingredients. These two ingredients are also considered as the most potent ingredients of all its products:

Caffeine (caffeine anhydrous)
Green Coffee Extract (c. canephora extract)

Aside from these two, Hydroxycut Hardcore also contains the following:

L- Theanine – an amino acid, it functions as a building block of proteins.
Inositol – helps breakdown fat.
Cayenne Pepper – helps in thermogenesis.
Yohimbe Extract – helps improve weight loss.
L-Tyrosine – also an amino acid that helps reduce appetite and aids in weight loss.
Trans Ferulic Acid – prevents weight gain.
L-Leucine – a protein that helps regulate food intake and improve one’s energy level.

Side Effects

Keep in mind that 1 serving of Hydroxycut Hardcore capsule is equivalent to 3 cups of coffee. Since this product has a high dosage of caffeine, you have to watch out for its side effects:

Difficulty in Sleeping
Increased heart rate

Furthermore more serious cases of health problems linked to the use of Hydroxycut Hardcore have also been recorded over the years. These adverse side effects include (but are not limited to):

Liver Damage
Vascular disease
Cardiovascular disease

How Can You Take the Supplement

As directed by the product itself, on your first day, you are advised to take only 1 capsule. This is to test your tolerance to the dietary supplement. On your 2nd and 3rd day, you are to take 2 capsules, once daily. On your 4th day and other succeeding days, you are to take 2 capsules, twice daily. Furthermore, you should also take note of the following:

You should not snack between meals.
Do not take the supplement within 5 hours of your bedtime.
You should not exceed 4 capsules in a 24-hour period.
Drink 10 glasses of water daily.

As for safety purposes, this supplement is not for individuals who are under 18 years old. This product is also not intended for pregnant and nursing females.

Cost and Where to Buy?

You can buy Hydroxycut Hardcore on Hydroxycut’s official website. You can also purchase this product on the following websites:

Customer Reviews and complaints

One verified reviewer from had expressed her concern regarding the product giving it a 1-star review, according to her

“Hydroxycut hardcore – I’ve taken different versions of this pill. But this version is extremely dangerous. I stopped them after the third day, to try again to make sure it was these pills. Close to vomiting all of a sudden, thought I was going to pass out. Needed food immediately and didn’t care what I ate I was desperate to not feel so awful so quickly.”
~ Angela. Another 1-star review was also given by an unhappy customer on, in her product review, she stated that “I have been taking it for about a week or two now and i kept feeling nauseous all the time. I would vomit and couldn’t figure out what was going on. I know i need to lose a few pounds but not like this. I feel sick to my stomach everytime i take them…” ~ Brandy H.

Amazon reviews

You should be aware that there are many planted and fake positive reviews on amazon and the review below is just one example to see the full article on this shocking practise go here.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Broke my stall!
November 7, 2017
Size: 60 Verified Purchase
This is one of the most effective weight loss pills I have tried. And I’ve tried a bunch! I am following a ketogenic diet, but my weight loss had stalled for about a month. The scale wouldn’t budge no matter what I did. 3 days into taking this product and I had finally broke my stall and dropped 5 pounds! I HIGHLY recommend this! Very impressed!
48 people found this helpful

1.0 out of 5 stars
Not For Me…
November 20, 2017
Size: 60Verified Purchase
I really wanted to like this product because I’ve heard so many good things about it as well as read a lot of positive reviews. Unfortunately for me, I hated it. I only took one dose so I can’t give a full review, but I can tell you that I only took one dose because I felt like crap after taking it. 30 minutes after taking this product, I was left feeling very jittery, nauseous, and lightheaded. It was so bad that I had to take a nap. Now, keep in mind that I am sensitive to any type of caffeine or stimulant and I also suffer from anxiety so that could be why I had such terrible side effects from this. Like I said, I’ve heard many great things about this product, it just didn’t end up working for me.
7 people found this helpful.

Pros and Cons

May boost your energy if you can cope with the side effects
Sorry I could not think of any

Packed with caffeine causing many side effects
The other main ingredient green coffee offers limited weight loss

Final Verdict

Hydroxycut Hardcore is one of the most popular hydroxycut products but owes this success more to expert promotion rather than wonderful results or effective ingredients. Hardcore is stuffed with caffeine and many customers have complained about feeling “jittery” and having “heart palpatations” This supplement does not feature in the most recommended list of diet pills due to concerns about the side effects and poor efficacy.

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