Hydroxycut Fake Reviews the Shocking Truth.

You may have heard these rumours before, especially about Amazon.

You will be shocked just how bad the problem is.

The more we researched the more we found.

It isn’t just one or two on amazon.

It is highly professional, organised and widespread trickery to deceive you and take your cash.

Why are positive reviews so important

90% of buyers on amazon will make their decision by looking at reviews.

So the reviews you read with faith are actually worth millions.

Lovate who manufacture Hydroxycut are well aware of this.

The first thing to stoke our suspicions was how good the reviews where on the official site are compared to Amazon.

Take a look for yourself.

First up in the hall of shame is :

Hydroxycut Black.

You will notice how customers on the official website leave NO NEGATIVE REVIEWS!

Compare that to the Amazon reviews on the right!

official website reviews for hydroxycut black

Reviews for Hydroxycut Black on the official website. 100% positive!

The reviews on amazon where poor compared to the official website

Reviews for Hydroxycut Black on Amazon.

Remember the reviews on the official site are the total reviews not a percentage. So of 71 people all gave a 4 or 5 star review WOW…

Below you will see reviews for Hydroxycut Gummies.

153 people apparently left positive reviews on the official website only 3 left negative reviews.

But on Amazon 24% of people left a negative review.

Reviews for Hydroxycut Gummies on the official website. Well over 90% positive.
reviews for hydroxycut gummies on amazon many are fake
Reviews for Hydroxycut Gummies on the Amazon.

Okay so one more and then i will reveal something that is even more disturbing.

All the reviews on the official website are ridiculously slanted to positive compared to amazon reviews.

The last of the samples is for Hydroxycut Hardcore.

fake positive reviews for hydroxycut hardcore on the official website
Reviews for Hydroxycut Hardcore on the official website. Little surprise that none are negative.
reviews for hydroxycut hardcore from amazon.
Amazon reviews for Hydroxycut hardcore.

So you might be thinking oh well but atleast the we know the reviews on amazon give an honest picture.

But here is the problem which is the REAL SHOCKER.

I found NUMEROUS fake positive reviews on amazon. EASILY OVER 50% of the positive reviews on amazon I marked as highly suspicious.

Let me show you why!

First up I cross checked the names of people leaving reviews and lo and behold the same people where leaving fantastic reviews on other hydroxycut supplements.

But it’s not just that it was the nature of the reviews that had alarm sirens going of in my head and i will explain in great detail in a moment so you can spot the scams in future. But first check this out.

Robert kaminski leaves the 1st of 3 fake reviews for hydroxycut. This is well organised. I will explain why.

Robert kaminski leaves the 1st of 3 fake reviews for hydroxycut
Robert kaminski leaves the 1st of 3 fake reviews for hydroxycut
2nd fake review by robert kaminski
This time a month later for Hardcore elite

Bear in mind i found numerous examples of the same people giving positive reviews for different Hydroxycut supplements.

I will break it down because the startling thing is having worked on websites for a number of years now and being aware of the industry language and writing practices it was even more clear that these reviews are actually sales letters.

Robert Kaminski
Title = Hydroxycut
June 29, 2017

Verified Purchase

(1). If you have trouble getting motivated or having energy to go do some physical activities or exercises this pill works great. (2) The energy it gives is a nice steady amount throughout your day and helps you get to your weight loss goal.

10 people found this helpful

This is actually clever they know that many people looking for pills are lack motivation and energy. Notice how this innocent review actually speaks to you.” (1).If you have trouble getting motivated” It goes on (2) The energy it gives is a nice steady amount throughout you’re day and helps you get to you’re weight loss goal.

But the thing is you as well as many others may not be aware of these tricks or lets say tactics. You will notice how i have spoken to you directly in this article it’s a basic 101 of copywriting.

Copywriting is the art of writing in advertising and sales material.

I have no doubt hydroxycut have employed copywriters to plant fake reviews.

The following is a blatant example of copywriting sales letter. You might not know but good copywriters get paid thousands of $$$$$ to write these.

The effect is VERY VERY powerful and will persuade you to buy . The basics are to work on your emotions to gain your trust.

Make sure you read it in full to arm yourself against these cheat tactics!

The Following is the top review for
Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite
It is 2 years old and is followed by another fake review.

To make sure these fake reviews feature at the top they buy fake votes to suggest the review is helpful.

Other customers then get excited by the review which answers their questions ( which it is designed to do) and you have domino effect. The company for the best selling weight loss supplements does not leave this to chance!

in depth look at a fake review for hydroxycut hardcore elite

Author Ambrose Grimm
it works best, and it also helps that the energy boost …
June 29, 2017
Verified Purchase

I started taking this months ago. Around May, I think. This product has NEVER made me nauseous… but I have a relatively high tolerance to caffeine.

(Here the sales letter counters some of the negative reviews)

The downside is, especially with caffeine, if you miss a dose, or you cut and run you need to take a caffeine suppliment and ween yourself off, or you’ll get those awful caffeine migrains from withdrawal.

Building trust with you this is a positive negative its framed as negative but only states you must take it properly so it builds up trust by presenting a negative that does not really exist. Which leads you to say oh actually that’s not to bad i just need to take it correctly and keep on taking it to get results.

Without exercise, I noticed a slow improvement over weight loss. I’m thirty-seven, and my metabolism on its own is not what it was a decade ago, and surely not what it was in my teens, so for the energy, and metabolic boost, I can account for its effects in a positive light. For me, this works.

They know the demographic for their supplements is mostly woman over 30. So this directly appeals to their market the woman over 30 who have less energy. Already do you see how long this review is? How abnormal!

I have had one negative experience on this product, though I suspect it was my fault. I took as prescribed on the bottle, (1) but I go long periods without eating. I didn’t get jittery…(2) I got a hold of energy that made me want to go out and conquer the world. I kid you not. It hit me hard, and I couldn’t work out enough, and I couldn’t do enough… and ultimately, it got to the point where I wanted to do a lot and (3) couldn’t figure out anything else to do.

This is really where they go for the kill it’s a classic positive negative.

There is only one negative,,,wow ok what is it? actually it is not clear. Is it going long periods without eating? GREAT you will be thinking and trust me they know that.

Also see how they pop in “i didn’t even get jittery”

(2) Here the reviewer explains that it gave enough energy to make ” me want to conquer the world” but do you see the build up to this point has been made by being seemingly really honest at the start.

So the false negative was the person had so much energy they couldn’t figure what to do with it.

That feeling lasted four hours.

It has only happened once.

The Sentences above hang THEY ARE BLATANT copywriting tactics of presenting open questions or statements designed to get you to stop and say

what feeling?
what happened once?

If you are skimming the review you will be brought back in.

If your reading intensely it will heighten the excited feeling cultivated in the previous paragraph.

There is a law with copywriting people buy on feelings and emotions and justify with logic. The review works on this to get its tentacles around you.

I find that when I use this while working out, it works best, and it also helps that the energy boost is a good motivation to hit thebweighta, the leg press, or the elliptical. I also find I’m not exhausted after a workout.

I work on a mountain at the elevation of 7800 feet. The elevation alone does a hell of a lot on ts own, and with the product I find myself able to attenpt feats without getting so easily worn out from the thin air up here.

Building up your excitement forget the poor spelling that is on purpose. Notice how it mentions specific gym equipment to get your imagination associating energy with using the gym equipment. Wow look the person also has energy to work out at 7800 feet!

All in all I give the product five stars, and leave you with this:

5 stars oh wow and look another open statement.

There’s a lot of great products out there. This one works for me. It may or may not work for you. There isn’t a miracle remedy for weight loss except self control, proper diet and exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. This product is a great product, and it does what it says it will do, but the hard part is up to you. It isn’t just about losing weight. It’s about a change of lifestyle. This product is only a tool to help you get there.

It works, and the harder you work, the harder it does too.

Wow look how honest the review is! See how it builds on credibility? The thing is by this stage you maybe and many others maybe already excited about the product. This is just the icing on the cake

Can you see how powerful these reviews are now?

Can you imagine how enticing they are?

These are the headings for customer reviews if you are skimming … All are more then likely fake reviews. You can start to get a feel how organised the deception is. Down to the titles alone.

it works best, and it also helps that the energy boost … 5 stars
I started taking this months ago. Around May, I think. This product has NEVER made me nauseous

Holy grail .. 5 stars
“This is one of the holy grails of weight loss”

Exercise .. 4 stars
“For me, a very short/small woman, this product works well shortly before a rigorous workout”

Great formula! .. 4 stars
“I’ve used these before in an attempt to lose weight…and these are the best Hydroxycut formula in my opinion”

I’m down 20 lbs! .. 5 stars
I’m down 20 lbs!”

In summary important.

Go to the homepage HERE to see if there are any hydroxycut supplements that do work. Also Discover our most recommended supplements for over 30’s who don’t exercise. The best aggressive weight loss supplement if you are obese and last but not least a non caffeine supplement to nuke your food cravings.

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